DIY Succulent Cupcakes


Browsing through the foodie magazines or on the internet it’s common you will be surprised from what people can achieve with a tasty piece of dessert. The cupcakes featured here, which look strikingly like plants, succulent to be more precise, are something to inspire you in the future. Especially if you are in the moment you want to decorate your home with some green plants for a special event. Be advised, the recipe for making DIY succulent cupcakes is more similar to applying make-up than cooking, because you will need a steady hand and some brushes and coloring. Start making the succulent layers or petals from the inside out and finish with some clever strokes of the brush. Read the full tutorial from the link below and see it’s not that difficult to make such cute pieces of dessert. Put your finished cupcakes between real succulent plants and watch as your guests and friends hurry up and try to eat the plant instead. Enjoy the dessert and have fun as well!






succulent-cupcakes-5 Succulent Cupcakes Tutorial

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