20 Awesome Cupcake Ideas


Cupcakes are great, but without the perfect decoration they are just simple cakes that can pass unnoticed. The possibilities of decorating a cupcake are practically infinite, that’s why you can choose between a wide variety of options or improvise and create your own style. You can decorate the cupcakes as if they were other food, such as hamburgers. Choose the appropriate food coloring and add it to the frosting, then simply decorate the cupcakes. If you are preparing for a birthday party for, you can make the cupcake look like cute animals or decorate it in the colors of the rainbow. For more special occasions, such as weddings, choose an elegant decoration and use colors that match the event. Pale and soft colors are best in this case and make small flowers or petals out of the frosting. Just add green frosting and a splash of color on top and the effect will be wonderful. Browse through the link below for more awesome ideas and save the best ones for your next special event.

1. Disney Princess Cupcakes ( << more details )


2. Centipede Cupcakes  ( << more details )


3. Beer Mug Cupcakes ( << more details )


4. High Heel Cupcakes ( << more details )


5. Rainbow cupcakes ( << more details )


6. Pink Lemon Cupcakes ( << more details )


7. Reindeer Christmas Cupcakes ( << more details )


8. Mini Panda Cupcakes ( << more details )


9. Halloween Ghost Cupcakes ( << more details )


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