How about a pair of witch shoe candy dishes! These are going to look fantastic on the treat tables filled with goodies. A few alterations to a pair of ordinary shoes, a bottle of glitter and these are yours. I dare you not to try to put them on!



Start with a pair of shoes that have a bit of a witch look to them to begin with, pointy toes, high instep and thin heal. **Don’t worry by the time you have finished these shoes they will have been papered over, painted and glittered banishing all traces of the ghosts who once wore them!


Use a bit of foil to shape the toe, hold it in place with masking tape. Cut shapes for the front and back from cereal box board, attach them with a glue gun. Fill the toes with scrunched pages from the phone book, tape into place with masking tape. Filling the toes with paper will strengthen the shoes.

Using a mixture of 1/3 water to 2/3 white glue (I use Weldbond) glue small strips of phone book paper to the shoe covering the entire surface. Allow this layer to dry then do another for added strength. Just a note, phone book paper is much thinner than newspaper and will result in a finer surface.
When the paper and glue are completely dry use a fine grade sand paper to smooth out bumps and lumps.

Apply a coat of black acrylic paint to the shoe, I use the paint at full strength. Allow to dry.


With an old paint brush and white glue straight from the bottle paint a layer of glue onto the shoe (not the inside or bottoms) working in sections. You will know if you have enough glue when you can’t see the black peeking through. Don’t let the glue begin to dry out. Use a spoon to sprinkle with black glitter. Press the glitter lightly into place with the back of the spoon. Keep working in this fashion until the shoe is covered. Leave to dry.

Cut straps and buckles from cereal box board, paint and glitter in the same fashion as the shoe. Paint the buckle with a color as close to the glitter color as possible, this will give it extra pop. Attach the straps with pins dipped in white glue when the pins have dried touch up the pin head with a black marker, it will disappear. Alternately, if the sole of the shoe won’t allow you to force pins into it, attach the strap using wire running from the holes in the strap under and across the bottom of the shoe forming a tight sling.

Apply two coats of water-based varnish to the INSIDE of the shoes.

Decorate with these jazzy little glittered spiders (Michaels craft store). Fill the shoe with wrapped candy otherwise the stray bits of glittered might attach themselves to the treats. Enjoy!

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