Florida Farmers are Selling Directly to Consumers to Avoid Produce Dumps

Because of the nation-wide quarantine, Florida farmers have been faced with a real challenge: tons of fresh produce that started rotting and were going to waste.

Since their customer base is mainly comprised of restaurants, cruise ships, and theme parks which are all closed until further notice, they found themselves in the middle of a crisis.

But after observing that people started to cook more at home, they changed their business model starting this month and decided to sell directly to the consumers.

Florida farmers have also started to receive help from the state department of agriculture, which managed to quickly set up a website to connect farmers with potential customers.

The website has a full list of each product offered by the farmers and some of them even offer specialty products, such as caimito, citrus, jackfruit, kale, and even papaya.

This is such a great way to connect buyers with local farmers, and also help out small businesses during these trying times.

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  1. Lily Robinsonmann says:

    I’m wondering if y’all can make deliveries to my house no transportation I’m 62 and ordered by the doctor to stay home.. PLEASE help

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