Holiday Garland Made Out Of Christmas Globes


Decorating your home for the holidays is not just another fun activity, but also an opportunity to impress everybody with your sense for style and design. This is your chance to show your friends that you posses a creative mind and some crafty hands. To make this Christmas garland, you will need:

• a long piece of wire string;
• hot-glue gun;
• a bunch of colorful globes;
• a big decorating bow;

The first step is to fashion the string of wire into a hanger like shape, to the dimension you want the garland to be. Then, take out every metal top of the globes and fill them with glue and attach them back to the ornaments. By doing so, you ensure they won’t fall from the garland and embarrass you in front of your guests. Once you’ve done with the glue, put the string of wire through every globe (you have to unfold the hanger shape from before for this). Once you consider there are enough globes, tie the wire back into the shape from the beginning of the tutorial. To cover the string entirely, glue a big bow at the top side of the hanger and tie the bottom of the bow through the garland, just like in the image provided. Have a Merry Christmas!


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