Homemade Chocolate Lasagna


Oh man! Chocolate could easily be the weakest point of humans, maybe weaker than Achilles tendon. All kidding aside, a chocolate dessert is a sure way to get into people’s hearts and stomachs. And if someone tells you this isn’t a real meal, just whip out a chocolate lasagna surprise recipe. That will surely impress them! And that’s before they even taste the final product. For this delicious piece of dessert you won’t need a whole lot of effort and attention for time and baking. Starting with punching a pack of Oreo biscuits and ending with sprinkling chocolate chips all over the lasagna you built. Grab the entire list of ingredients, including cool whip and cream cheese icing. Read and follow the instructions featured on the website. In no time you will have made a delicious tray of dessert-lasagna. Make sure you don’t eat the whole thing before it’s done. Enjoy your tasty impressive lasagna made out of chocolate!



Chocolate Lasagna – ingredients & directions

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  1. Kristen says:

    Thanks for posting our recipe! 🙂 If you could also link the pictures to our site that would be awesome! Love everything you have on your site, check out CallingShenanigans for more fun food ideas!

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