How to Easily Build a $50 Greenhouse – Free Plans


Tired of the same old tasteless but perfect looking, perhaps genetically modified, products you get from your local supermarket that are supposed to represent your daily intake of vitamins and minerals? If you ever dreamed about living independently then owning a greenhouse is a great leap forward. Having your own home grown vegetables and greens is surely the way in which you are in control of how natural the food on your plate is in the end. And the fact you could take this path by investing only $50 in your greenhouse it’s amazing! The design featured in the free plans provided on this website will advise you on a 11 feet by 15 feet structure, but you could make it as wide or long as the space in your garden allows it. Take a look at the photos provided to picture how it will look in the yard, sparking your journey to an independent lifestyle.



Build a $50 Greenhouse – DoorGarden


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15 Responses to “How to Easily Build a $50 Greenhouse – Free Plans”

  1. Dark says:

    a shame they built this one in the shade 😉

    • Rhonda says:

      It is movable, I’d rather build in the shade then move it where I wanted too later. It doesn’t have to be permanent for your plants, just get them going and re-plant in bigger space. ie: the boxes

    • Wendy S. Delmater says:

      It will not be in the shade when the leaves are off the trees in the winter, which is when you need a greenhouse.

  2. Aga says:

    What Kind of Screen do you use ?
    Writing from Germany, hoping screen is the right word. There are so many translations.

  3. Reverse says:

    So tired of seeing this all over the interwebs. It is very misleading. The guy has a ton of the supplies laying around his yard and therefore doesn’t count them into the cost. Fail!

  4. rodney says:

    I hope these is are for real

  5. Cynthia says:

    So where do you get the free plans? Or are those photos supposed to be the plans?

  6. jheem says:

    where are the free plans

  7. Larry Ceola says:

    Advice to those planning to build a greenhouse made from PVC, if you can use the grey PVC it will last longer and also paint the PVC this will prevent the chemical reaction that takes place from the Plastic and the PVC which will render this useless in less than a year if you don’t. There is a chemical dissimilar substance reaction that takes place, similar to the dissimilar reaction that takes place with metal, paint or some other barrier to keep the two from coming in contact will eliminate this issue.
    Otherwise it works great, and technically this is called an over wintering house not a greenhouse. I love mine.

  8. Coffeemom says:

    to make it stronger you could use hog panels to arch over it I have seen chicken runs built like this ( with out the plastic) I think the wire would help support the pvc pipe better in places that where wind always around. As for price on this yes it might be done if you just had all of these thinks there. Most of the time people don’t count everything they use such as nails ect.

  9. Infidel says:

    I built one last summer, after a crew came though laying a cable. They were putting in 2 inch gasline, and pulling the cable through that. They had some scrap 2 inch gasline left over, and I managed to scrounge enough to build a 14 X20 hoop house. The reinforced plastic, to cover it was also scrounged, off of a fast food restaurant, that was under construction. The guy’s were laying brick, in the middle of winter, and had heaters running under the plastic. It all was headed to the dumpster. I asked, and got it.
    It’s all doable, for almost free, if you put a little time in, and ask nicely. I had to buy some nuts and bolts, to bolt the gasline to some other scrounged pipe. Covered the bolt heads with duct tape. Scrounged a srorm door out of the trash, and I have been growing stuff all winter. I did buy some 1/2″ plastic pipe, for some low tunnels inside the hoop. That moves me 2 growing zones South. I can’t keep tomatoes growing, but beets, kale, spinach, cilantro, carrots, and some very happy weeds. I seem to have a mouse, that thinks this is Shangri-la too. My total cost is somewhere around $30.

  10. Cathy says:

    Consider making it mobile by adding a floor and wheels.
    Food for thought

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