How to Easily Make a Tin Can Bird Feeder


If you love birds then it’s most probably that you have – at least once in your life – provide them with food. Even the simple throwing of bagel crumbles to pigeons can be classified in feeding birds. But if you want to take a bit further, you can do it with the help of a feeder. And the tutorial on how to make a DIY bird feeder out of a tin can is here for you. Please try this method knowing fully that if you take on this road, you endow yourself with the responsibility of turning the hobby into a habit. Providing birds with food at a certain place will teach them that there will always be food there. So, without further discussions, here are the instructions for making a simple DIY bird feeder. Notice that the method provided is clever in a way that makes sharp edges of any tin can almost disappear. Actually, they are hidden. Be careful not to ruin the can from the start, because you will need to bend the ends in a certain way. Watch the video and learn exactly how.



Repurpose old candle holders into pretty bird feeders.

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