How To Make An Invisible Bookshelf


Having books in your home is a proof you consider culture much more than the weekly TV documentary. If you blend your collection of books with a clever system of storing them, the decor of your home will be definitely improved. This awesome `invisible` bookshelf will help you keep your books organized and also look like they float in the air. The solution designed by Miron Lior works perfectly if you have an issue with installing high shelves or bookcases (due to the size of the ceiling or any other issue). You could buy this sort of Conceal Bookshelf or even make it yourself. The DIY project is not that difficult to make and all you need are a few metal wall braces, some screws, Velcro, and obviously books! You could make a bunch of these bookshelves in order to keep your large collection of literature at grasp. Check out the steps necessary to achieve the same result as the one in the pictures.


See the full tutorial on CaitlynLAG’s Instructables profile.


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