How to Shop Healthy at Aldi on a Budget

In the next video, Melissa Gallagher, a Natural Doctor, Nutritionist, Nutritionist & Lymphatic Drainage Therapist from will show you how to be healthy on a budget without compromising taste, quality or a specialized diet plan. This video focuses on how to shop at Aldi. This is a beginners video with tips and tricks to getting the best, healthiest items to stock up in your pantry and freezers.

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What you need to know when shopping at Aldi:

1. Take a quarter with you to borrow their cart
2. Bring reusable bags and pull boxes from the shelves to transport your goods home
3. Make a list the core staples you need to replenish
4. Be flexible and have a budget – (I spent about $35-$100 each trip for about 2 weeks of goodies)
5. Simply Nature is the brand that is the healthier label at Aldi. Often these items are Organic and the label will reflect this.
6. Their organic grass fed ground beef is the cheapest I have found per unit price
7. Their organic Apple Cider Vinegar is the best and cheapest on the market
8. Their coconut oil, avocado oil are core basic staples for your pantry
9. Certain fruits and veggies are great to buy and save money on that aren’t organic.
Check out this list:
10. I love Aldi’s Seasonal Items “Specialty Select” are good to watch out for
11. Great housewares, socks and clothing items, toys and gifts
12. They also sell a dye free laundry and dish detergents (stockpile these when you see them)
13. Baby Diapers & Wipes are per piece the best savings you can find in any other stores with double stacking coupons etc.
14. Watch for Aldi Finds – these are special premium buys that will be available for a limited time. Stock pile these when you find items you and your family love.
15. Freezer section also contains seasonal items (organic peas, organic bluberries) at super low prices
16. Kerrygold Butter – best individual price of grass fed butter I have found

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