Hutte Hut Trailer: A Dome on Wheels


Ready for your next trip in the middle of Nature? With the Hütte Hut teardrop trailer, you will surely be. This handmade trailer is a superb example of what a DIY project can turn into. The creation of Brian and Katrina Manzo from Carpinteria, California has a sleek design line and a simple build: wood and canvas. Mimicking the shape of a tent, the mobile room large enough for 2 people is a space you can definitely use comfortably for resting on your journey and after driving for quite a while. With a door that opens sideways and access to plenty of natural light, the prototype has an inspirational interior, minimally decorated but with a touch of vintage. Take a look over the photos and imagine how great it would be to embark on an adventure with one of these trailers by your side!




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  1. Rick Weir says:

    I am very interested in building my own how much did this cost you? And are there any plans available?

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