Lazy Lee Shoe Rack – A Woman’s Dream, A Man’s Nightmare [VIDEO]


Lazy Lee Shoe Rack – A Woman’s Dream, A Man’s Nightmare! A spinning shoe rack holds up to 226 PAIRS of shoes..WOW.. A closet is one’s is an indispensable piece. Sometimes finding the right space to create a closet can be a real challenge, but many of architects tend to merge it with the bedroom. If you are not between the lucky ones who have a built in closet in your home, then don’t worry as there is a great storage solution for your problem. The talented designers from Logical Design Concepts have created the luxury closet line called A Woman’s Dream. This item was created with lot of care and attention out of the finest materials and is one of the greatest storage units out there. It’s classy look makes it perfect for an elegant home and has an intelligent system, that helps you store almost everything from clothes to shoes. It comes in several colors, with beautifully decorated doors and you can choose the place you want to install it (floor or wall). Although it is called a Woman’s Dream, this storage system works great for everyone, thanks to its smart design.



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