Light Bulbs That Work When The Power Goes Out!


Some time ago, a man developed LED light bulbs with built-in batteries, an invention that brought energy independence to people in certain circumstances, such as storms or floods that affect energy sources. Nowadays, those light bulbs became a mass-market product, being sold at a price that continues to fall.
You can now have a battery bank in your home. When all appliances will be able to store energy, and home battery banks will be cheaper, wind and solar power will become a stable source of energy at your disposal. Things are looking bright!
Watch the video below to see how these innovative light bulbs work:

When a storm strikes this light bulbs will keep you going! – HERE!!!


This Light Bulb is available here…

2 Responses to “Light Bulbs That Work When The Power Goes Out!”

  1. GREG SCOTT says:

    Sounds good. Question: When the power goes out and the bulb batteries kick in, how long in hours will it remain lit before the batteries die/drain?

  2. Shierend says:

    i accidently bought these withou knowledge, and had my electrician to check wiring because the bulb was on after i switched it off. now i know. thanks.

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