Long Colorful Strands of Yarn Are Woven into Stunning Portraits by Katerina Marchenko

Katerina Marchenko’s artistic prowess shines through her innovative approach to embroidery, where she transforms long, colorful strands of yarn into stunning, larger-than-life portraits. The juxtaposition of the intricate art form against the delicate tulle canvas adds an extra layer of complexity to her works, demanding precision and skill from the artist. The result is a series of human faces brought to life on an impressive scale, defying the conventional expectations of embroidery confined to smaller dimensions. Marchenko’s commitment to transparency in her creative process is evident through the mesmerizing timelapse videos she shares, revealing her hands gracefully weaving the vibrant threads through the tulle, abandoning the traditional needle for a more hands-on technique. This departure contributes to a distinctive linear style, akin to the loose and sketchy quality found in hand-drawn illustrations, with intentionally dangling threads adding an expressive dimension to the final pieces.

Beyond her large-scale portraits, Marchenko diversifies her artistic expression by applying her talents to more traditional embroidery hoops. In these projects, her style becomes more detailed and painterly, capturing subjects ranging from faces and flowers to hands. A common thematic thread in all her works is her fascination with the human body and line art, which unites her diverse creations. For those captivated by Marchenko’s unique embroidery, original pieces are available for purchase through her Etsy store, and enthusiasts can stay updated on her latest creations by following the artist on Instagram.

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