Luxurious Self-Sufficient Trailer With Expanded Spaces for the Most Comfortable Off-the-Grid Living

Matthew Hofmann Architects has unveiled a groundbreaking addition to off-grid living with the launch of the Living Vehicle, a luxury electric trailer that stands as the most self-sufficient house on wheels to date. Spanning 212 square feet and measuring 31 feet in length, the Living Vehicle boasts an impressive array of features, including a heat-treated white aluminum interior, an 8-foot deck accessed through a clamshell folding door, and a Euroloft bed. This mobile dwelling integrates pioneering water-from-air technology fueled by solar power, providing a continuous water supply and redefining the possibilities of off-grid living. Recognizing its innovation and design excellence, the Living Vehicle has received the prestigious 2023 Future House Award from Global Design News and The Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Architecture and Design.

At the heart of the Living Vehicle’s design is the HD-PRO, a model that epitomizes “Luxury Unplugged” by offering perpetual power from natural resources. With dimensions comparable to a luxury motor yacht, this 30-foot marvel showcases the essence of autonomous living and travel. The HD-PRO is not only a testament to off-grid freedom but also serves as a powerful insurance policy for those seeking independence. Boasting top-tier luxuries and capabilities, including a king bed designed for optimal comfort and gear storage, the Living Vehicle’s HD-PRO heralds a new era for off-grid living, meeting the desires of those who prioritize both luxury and sustainability in their nomadic lifestyle.

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