Magic Tub Cleaning Recipe


Although hard to believe, a homemade shower cleaner will get rid of the mess left behind by lots of baths and body-care products. You might say it does magic. If you want to make this for your own home, take 5 minutes from your spare time and follow these instructions. First, grab these items:

• a dozen ounces of white vinegar;
• a dozen ounces of blue dawn detergent (liquid;
• a spray bottle;

Then, put the vinegar into the microwave and heat at medium level until it gets a bit hot. Pour it into the bottle and add the detergent. Tighten the lid on securely. And Shake gently for a few minutes or until you see it becoming one solution.

And that’s about it! The magical product will clean any shower buildup, all of the soap scum and make your appliances look fresh. After applying a spray on the dirty surface, and depending on the hardness of it leave overnight or not, you just scrub and rinse with water. The result will amaze you.


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  1. claudine says:

    moi je veux savoir votre liquide bleu c’est quoi exactement! et quand vous donner la quantite une douzaine de ( cl ) cl (c’est quoi que ca veut dire ) est-ce un litre ? une tasse ? etc….je ne sais pas ! merci et bonne soirée!

    • Violette says:

      Bonjour, Claudine!
      Pour cette recette, vous avez besoin une tasse et demi de vinaigre blanc et une tasse et demi de liquide bleu. Tout simplement, vous avez besoin des quantités égales. Vous pouvez faire la quantité que vous voulez.

  2. Luciana says:

    Why do you need to heat the vinegar first?

  3. Linda says:

    what is Blue Dawn detergent?

    • paqrat says:

      I think they meant the Dawn dish washing detergent in the blue.

    • kd3569 says:

      Dawn is a liquid dishwashing detergent/soap (not dishwasher). It’s in the picture above. It’s touted as the best de-greasing soap, they even use it to clean animals that have been caught in oil slicks. It won’t say Blue Dawn on the label, just Dawn; the color is blue. Hope that helps. And PS, I used the Dawn/vinegar solutions on a shower door that WOULD NOT come clean, no matter with I used, and it is spotless now, so YES, it works.

  4. DFXprincess says:

    will this harm plastic tubs and surrounds since you cant use abrasive things on them?

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