Man Creates Off-Road ‘Wheelchair’ So That His Wife Can Go On Adventures Too

There are lots of big-hearted people who are willing to help those in need and small selfless acts can restore our faith in humanity.
Cambry Kaylor had an accident in 2005 which left her paralyzed and she thought that she’ll have to give up on her passion for sport and outdoor activities. But luckily, her then-boyfriend, Zack Nelson was very skillful with DIY electronics and surprised her with the most amazing wheelchair of all.
He used two electric bikes to create a one-of-a-kind vehicle that helped Kaylor get access to all sorts of places and terrains. Having this off-road wheelchair gave her the freedom she thought that she’d lost forever after the accident, as she was able to go on outdoor adventures again.
Meanwhile, the couple got married and started their own small business, one of mass-production of this vehicle which is called “Not-a-Wheelchair” and it is a fully electric off-road wheelchair. Other wheelchairs of this kind can cost a small fortune, but Zack and Cambry wanted to build one that is accessible for everyone, so the base model is sold for $3,750.

The “Not-a-Wheelchair” has an aluminum frame, can go 10-20 miles with one battery, and supports a maximum weight of 225lb. Such an amazing invention!

The accessible bike is fully electric and super quiet

5 Responses to “Man Creates Off-Road ‘Wheelchair’ So That His Wife Can Go On Adventures Too”

  1. Sherlene says:

    Great idea we need more of these ,for folks in wheelchair lots of people can’t afford it but maybe there is a will there’s a way thank you sherlene

  2. Jennifer L Palmer says:

    Don’t answer this. I am trying to save money for a handicapped bathroom. Maybe someday. Someday I want to save enough to get a bike like this one too. I am not in a wheelchair. I was born with multiple disabilities. The older I get the harder it gets. I am now 65 and I am considered a Senior. I am running out of time to save money. So maybe not. You might consider me a dreamer. Well maybe I am. Are prayers answered yes, but not for things. I make do and hope for the best.

  3. Russ Welz says:

    Kudos to you both for a great, and long overdue, fun product for folks with disabilities. Handicapped doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun.
    As for the sand issue, people taking their jeeps on the beach will usually lower their tire pressure for better traction. Here at the Jersey shore in Island Beach state park, tire inflation stations are installed at access points for re-inflation when you leave the beach. I don’t know if that would work in your case, though.
    I wish you success in your venture and a long and happy marriage.

  4. JOSEPH Lewis says:

    Looks amazing I’m a both leg amputee. , I looks really easy to operate. Looks as though I would transfer easily . Bit out of my price range at my age 68 money is very tite being retired and now handicap . But thank you very much for thinking about us that have abilities taken away from us .. I’ve nevet ever been one to feel sorry for myself always positive I’m still now making the best of what I have , I’m truly Blessed and thankful of what I still can do ! So again Thank YOU

  5. Donna OBrien says:

    I love this!! Did I miss a link to your website?

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