Meet the Pet Detective Who’s Tracked Down and Reunited 330 Lost Dogs with Owners for Free – Using Thermal Imaging

Meet Erica Hart, a 44-year-old pet detective whose passion for reuniting lost dogs with their owners has led her on 330 successful missions, all conducted for free using a thermal imaging drone. In April 2018, Erica received her first drone as a gift from her father. Little did she know that this technology would become a vital tool in her quest to bring families and their furry companions back together.
Erica’s journey began when her father informed her about a missing schnauzer in their local area. Using her drone, she located the dog on a walk and helped reunite it with its owner. From that point on, Erica’s reputation as a pet detective spread, and she became the go-to person for such missions in the UK, from Scotland to Somerset.

Despite the numerous challenges she faces, including going through 30 drones, Erica finds fulfillment in the emotional reunions and refuses to accept payment for her services. For Erica, the human connection is paramount. She goes beyond tracking down dogs, extending her assistance to finding cats, emus, cows, and even helping mountain rescue teams locate missing people. Her dedication to the cause is evident as she remains on call seven days a week, not hesitating to work on holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. Erica’s commitment shines through as she describes the joy of reuniting owners with their pets, emphasizing that the human-animal bond is a source of comfort and companionship for many.

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