Mojito Jello Shots In Lime Wedges


A party isn’t a real party without some alcohol. Remember though there is a big difference between a party with kegs of beer and an event with some creative cocktails. To make it even more impressive, why not serve your drinks in special made mediums? The Mojito Jelly Shots will be the perfect way to do that. Not only your party will get a bit fancier but your guests will feel more awesome with these in their hands instead of a plain old can or glass. Not to mention it’s much easier to chug these shots in than the regular drinks. All you have to do in order to begin turning this idea into reality is grab some limes and gelatin and follow the rest of the tutorial. The resulting mix of alcohol and creativity will definitely put your next party on the top 3 of the year. Enjoy!


Check out the recipe on A Beautiful Mess

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