Moon Dragon Tiny House

How would you like to live in a fairytale-like home? This tiny house looks like it has been transported in our world from a Tolkien novel and all thanks to Zyl Vardos, a builder specialized in tiny homes.
Each of their designs is custom made, according to the client’s needs, and they also ship the house to anywhere in North America, Canada, and even Mexico.

The company is owned by Abel Zyl and he has been in the business for 10 years, and the founding member of the American Tiny House Association. Abel also works as a consultant and has his very own show which is called “Ask Zyl Live”, offering live consultations for anyone in need of tips on how to build a tiny house.
The most special thing about his designs is that they are handmade and come with lots of intricate details and carvings, so a lot of effort and time is invested in each one of them.
This beautiful tiny house is called the Moon Dragon and is among the largest designs ever made by him.
The house is 9,25 feet wide and 24 feet long, has cedar exterior, and comes with handmade windows. The tiny house is comprised of a loft bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and plenty of storage space. If you are thinking about buying a house from Zyl Vardos, the larger designs such as the Moon Dragon are around $110,000 but they come with everything included and even a set of wheels so you can take them with you if you decide to move.

Zyl Vardos specializes in highly functional, uniquely-styled tiny house structures. They are traditionally crafted, but engineered in a forward-thinking way. Founded in 2007 – Zyl Vardos is one of the most experienced building companies in the tiny house world.

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  1. Elizabeth Leonard says:

    I would love to live in a tiny house like this! It would make my life more focused and fruitful. Not to mention the decrease in the cost of utilities and maintenance.

  2. Donald Jones says:

    I have a park model rv tiny house in Olympia and cannot get approval to hook up. I’d appreciate any help of who to talk to or paperwork I’m missing.
    Thanks in advance for any information.
    Your house is amazing by the way p-99

  3. Shawn J says:

    Hi Zly, This house is amazing and so perfect. I’ve always wanted one still trying to talk my husband into one. We live on a piece of property that would be ideal for a tiny house. Please keep in touch with me so I can continue to Pray and dream to spend my last year’s on Earth in a tiny house. Thank You, Love Shawn..

  4. steven Womack says:

    I am working on a house that dates to the 1880 time period. Original walls are rough sawn black walnut planks that have the sawblade marks showing. The pix of the Zyl Vardos house gives me a lot of ideas to expand my house upwards in future renovations. Wish I knew how to get more info about Zyl Vardos. He works MAGIC with his designs!

  5. Victoria says:

    I’m In love with this amazing beautiful home never seen nothing like it great job

  6. Rena Riggins says:

    Tiny home sound like it could be good for me.

  7. Rena Riggins says:

    Tiny home sound like it could be good for me. I wish I could live in one.

  8. Dawn Huber says:

    Beautiful home would love to live in it .

  9. Shawn Cornelius says:

    Want to see more

  10. Judith Peak says:

    Would like price options

  11. Elizabeth Franklin says:

    Id love to live like princess in that breathless timehome forget any problems decorate it for xmas well it would an magical Like Disney world

  12. Peggy Salyer says:

    How can someone get one hand picked n made by someone that makes them

  13. Ro says:

    I love this…gotta figure how to get one!

  14. Teresa Taylor says:

    If you ever branch out into the business of converting a motorhome into a tiny house let me know. I would love for you to use my 1978 Dodge establishment as your example. I was fortunate enough to receive my ‘Château Tumbleweed’ for free from craigslist eight years ago. A few things have happened and I have a ripped out floor and cupboard because of a blown tire. It was all so chaotic at the time I chose to put a blanket over it and live with it like it is. I have no floor under my kitchen sink the tread of the tire tore out my cupboards. I know I am going to need some major repairs done but I work with hospice patients from farm to farm and I rarely ever have time to do anything in regards to repairs. I have to keep this thing tarp or it rains inside.

  15. BwynBear says:

    I really enjoy this Moon dragon home! How may I get info on contacting designer? Also would like to subscribe to your newsletter if you have one. Thank you.

  16. Maria Antonetty says:

    The cost to have one made?

  17. Maria Antonetty says:

    I want one made how much

  18. Rowan says:

    Just saw a small correction in first paragraph. Canada and mexico are in North America!!! Not separate from:))
    Keep up the beautiful work

  19. Glo says:


  20. Art Shine says:

    Would like to know if this is set up on a 5th wheel trailer frame ?

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