Mountain King Log Cabin Floor Plan





The price of this log cabin is $60,900 at Conestoga Log Cabins. You can fulfill your dream to have a cabin deep in the woods! Learn more here…

14 Responses to “Mountain King Log Cabin Floor Plan”

  1. Don says:

    love to see floor plan layout

  2. sharon kinsey says:

    I would love the price to build just the bottom floor. It would be perfect for what my husband and I want. 20 x 30 is the perfect size.

  3. Margaret Santos says:

    Would like to know price and if there are many to chose from

  4. Glen White says:

    Awesome design:kit price quoted-U S or Canadian dollars ?

  5. Zac bunner says:

    How much would it be to build a log cabin with three bedrooms and two baths

  6. Allen williams says:

    Would like to get the cost on the mountain king…

  7. Lisa Byrd says:

    I love this cabin it is perfect this is what I have been looking for and the price is awsome, I want to know everything about this cabin and how I can get one thanks lisa

  8. Radames Nazario says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam: Please provide prices for the different models available.

    Cordially Yours,

    Eng. Radames Nazario

  9. Sheryl Phrampus says:

    I want one ASAP

  10. Jeana Cross says:

    Will you send some designs with g
    floor plans to 7791 Big oak Dr. Donalsonville GA 39845? Love the ones I’ve seen and prices too.

  11. Janet says:

    First off, there are no closets. No laundry, The floor plan shown does not include the fireplace, There is no Utility closet for Hot water heater, Furnace/AC. The design is lovely, It just needs to be reworked.

  12. Jannie says:

    Please sent me some floor plans and pictures plus prices please
    Thank you

  13. Wayne haker says:

    Prices on different sizes come on,!

  14. William says:

    Please email me a price list, [email protected]

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