Natural Swimming Pool With Trampoline


If you have enough space in your garden you probably already have a pool too. It can be so nice and refreshing to have a pool as in the summer you can just chill and enjoy the coolness of the water. How about putting a trampoline diving board just like the one in the picture at one end of the pool? Your children will have a great time, as they will surely enjoy jumping in the pool. This trampoline is made out of waterproof material so it won’t get damage if it gets wet. It can be set up easily and can offer you some moments of pure joy. Also if you don’t have a swimming pool you can always make a natural one, that is chemical free and safe for the environment. It is important to surround the pool with a lot of plants to give it a natural look. You plants will also stay fresh for long as they are near water. Soo.. What do you think of this trampoline diving board into a natural swimming pool? Read more details about natural pools in the link below..

The BioTop Natural Pools – Goods Home Design


  • Matt on said:

    this is about the most dangerous thing you could put in your backyard.
    Trampolines are already responsible for countless injuries to children and adults alike…adding water and sharp edges is just asking for trouble.yes it looks like fun ,but at what cost.some one with your tiny iq wi
    Probably try this and when they are hurt I hope they sue the pants off of you.
    Just saying

  • Kyle on said:

    how about this is a free country and anybody has the right to do as they please. Good or bad decision, it’s still my right. Take your ” oh no someone could get hurt with the sharp edges” panzy attitude out of here. If I want to have a trampoline and a pool in my back yard then I’m going to do it and by god if I want to combine both of them together then that is my right as a free American to do so.

  • Richard Price on said:

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! GET A LIFE, MATE! SERIOUSLY! IDIOT! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE PRICELESSLY ENTERTAINING! I hope someone is supervising you, on your computer??…you never know when you could fall off your chair, or stub your toe on the desk. Brilliant.

    • Terry on said:

      I’m w/you Rick. I’ve always been a “hold my beer and watch this” kinda guy; and, I’ve had a whole hell of a lot of fun in life.

  • Armillio on said:

    I don’t think this is nearly safe enough. You probably need some Ar 15s to guard against the us gov take over after the Isis invasion.

  • Although, Matts opinion may not be a popular one. It is his opinion. Personally, I agree with Matt. Sure everyone can do what they want that is their business. This Does look unsafe however. But whatever floats your boat I guess. Yes, I am prob. A parent that bubble wrapped their kid. Lol. Im not gonna lie. He is 22 now and married to a very lovely lady. He is a hardworking country boy. We were never in the ER with a broken arm or leg….so I like to think I did an ok job but maybe too much bubble wrap. Haaaa

  • Jason on said:

    Yes you have a right to do as you please abs yes it looks like a lot of fun but what I’m wondering is how it says chemical
    Free natural pool, how do you keep the water from getting nasty and possibly harmful?

    • Barley grass cleans natural pools/ ponds. You can even get a barley grass liquid now. And some people put fish in their ponds/ pools. If you give them a safe harbor deep in the water, they’ll hide when people are around.

  • Terry on said:

    The only thing I would be concerned with in my area would be Moccasins. If the wife would see even the tiniest water snake I would be the only one in the pool FOREVER! hmmm, wonder ifin they’d still run beer to me?

  • jordon on said:

    The plants and design of the pool keep it clean just like a lake or pond. Do you put chemicals in the lake at your favorite beach

  • Joey on said:

    Yeah and the people that make cars should be sued too. Those thing hurt and kill countless people per year. What about food. So many people choke every year on that stuff. How dare someone produce an item like that. Don’t even get me started on procreation. If we stop having children there will no longer be anyone to shoot stab or kill anyone else and then the world might be safe for my children! Wait, what…

  • Hah was lucky enough to have a log across a creek I regularly fell in while crossing, fully clothed.. another time had to jump off trestle bridge into creek below, the other kids did this regularly, it was local swimming hole. I had to ..cause there was a train coming. Thank God I wasn’t born now. Resilience and judgement are enhanced by childhood exploration of limits & adventure.

  • It amazes me, the comments about this type of pool.

    1. “Mosquitos”. After more than 2 dozen of these built by us, never a mosquito. With good reason!

    2. “Accidents”. Its a body of water, more than two inches deep! Anything could happen!

    3. “Dangerous”.Take a moment and Google “diving board lawsuits”. While you’re at it, google “pool suction entrapment”. There are a lot more dangerous things in this world…

    4. “Dangerous use of trampoline”. Lets see; a trampoline 3 feet above solid ground, or one over water??

    5. “Use Salt”. Salt water pools are still chlorine pools!!

    6. “Dirty”. You. Have. Not. Seen. One. Up. Close!

    7. “Snakes”. Aligators!!
    Doesn’t matter if you are using chlorine or not, critters love water!

    These pools replace habitat. We actually use pools very little. The inhabitants use it 24/7/365.

    Swimming in these is like nothing you have ever experienced!
    I suggest folks look at testimonials…

  • Terry on said:

    I absolutely fell in love with this pool and the tramp when i saw the pic and the idea of it water filtering/cleaning through plants not chemicals but …
    Ok Matt is kinda right- i used to be a trampolinist and yes the trampoline gets mighty slippery when its wet- very slippery- but then thats why we used to take our hose out and have fun with water and the tramp as kids. The rounded edge you COULD always put some cut noodles over it to make it softer- pretty cheap and easy padding. Also what you can do is show the kids how slippery it gets when wet and show them the dangers and then say but have fun but just realise the physics of the situation- then yourve got a kid who understand and develops themselves. Even having a non slip diving board is dangerous as you can hit your head on the diving board but I still think they are fantastic. So in short- yes certain dangers but well worth the educated development of the kids. You could also possibly paint the trampoline matt (no pun intended) with a non slip pain??

  • The trampoline may get slippery while wet. I’d suggest adding some broken glass to its surface so that nobody slips and falls.

  • Kellie white on said:

    8 can see how much fun this shit could be but lets get real i see nothing but hospital bills the first time one of my clutsy kids or their friends or anyone else i know goes and slips on that slippery trampoline as soon as it gets wet all bad !!!!

  • Dennis on said:

    We have a buried tramp like this, but with safety mats on the springs. I wouldn’t dream of building a pond with sharp edges like this for my kids to jump into. Oh, and my kids have world-class trampoline skill. The liability from accidents on this could easily cost you your house and perhaps even court-ordered removal of your children.

    Of course this could’ve been setup much better for safety concerns, which is why this is even more objectionable to me. Go ahead and rant away now, but don’t think for a minute that any of your neighbors wouldn’t sue your butts off if their children got seriously hurt doing this at your house.

  • Cory on said:

    This is actually very awesome concept. Safety is very important for anything in life. It’s up to the parents to teach their children about it to avoid injuries. Of course, children should be constantly monitored around pool areas and trampoline activities.

    One thing that helps is keeping the trampoline well maintained. Be sure to have spare pole caps as these tend to wear quickly.

    Upper Bounce trampolines are recommended and their pole caps are available on Amazon:

  • DennyMickel on said:

    The trampoline may get slippery it’s the main reason for injuries. The first thing that we need to check is to evaluate your needs keeping safety in top priority like as spring size, assembly, and durability, Good quality Ladder, and Mat, Net Enclosure, jumping weight capacity. I hope to throw that we overcome.

  • MountainMama333 on said:

    I had Three trampolines simultaneously for my kids growing up. They launched off the deck onto them— flipped from one to the other—- all sorts of stuff! Kept them
    Busy and active. They loved it. We ski, hike, hunt, target shoot, collect guns, camp in the winter ,the list goes on. Almost anything can be safe if you take precaution and teach boundaries/rules. I think this looks AWESOME

  • Stacie on said:

    Matt has a right to his opinion just like every one else. Personally I think this is a great idea. There are ways to legally protect your liability against others sustaining an injury on your property. My problem is with Matt saying “some one with your tiny iq wi Probably try this and when they are hurt I hope they sue the pants off of you. Just saying”. That is your opinion. My opinion is that you are a douche bag and can suck it. Just saying

  • Maureen on said:

    From a safety standpoint. Whats the difference between a diving board or a trampoline( used for the sole purpose of jumping into pool)

  • Granny on said:

    Matt. Did you grow up in a bubble? If you knew half the stuff my generation did for fun, you’d probably be sucking your thumb crying for Mommy right now.

  • louis on said:

    I lost my virginity in one of these pools. I jumped in using a trampoline and landed right on a naked guy floating in the pool.

  • Oosha on said:

    Natural pools have a natural filtration system built into them, usually a pumping water element to cycle the water and an area with cattails and others reeds.

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