No Bake S’more Cake Recipe


S’mores can have a very summerish feeling as they can remind you of campfires and fun times outdoor. You can find s’mores in the stores, already made and packed, but the best ones are still those homemade. So instead of enjoying only small bites of this tasteful desert, you can create an entire s’mores cake to delight your friends at the next garden party. This treat is also a great option if you don’t have time to go camping this summer, but still miss the great taste of s’mores. There is one awesome s’mores cake recipe (all details in the link below) out there, that doesn’t require baking. You simply lie down the different layers for the cake in a pan, one on top of the other, starting with some graham crackers, followed by the marshmallow cream, chocolate and whipped cream and create a beautiful cake. You can add some ice cream to the sides and enjoy it together with your friends on a warm Sunday afternoon.

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No Bake S’more Cake Recipe – Yummy

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