This Off-Road Caravan Pops, Slides and Swings Out in All Directions to Accommodate Six On an Off-Grid Expedition

Off-road enthusiasts and adventure seekers are in for a treat with the innovative design of Berg Off-Road’s latest offering, the CX6 off-road caravan. With a focus on exceeding expectations, Berg Off-Road has crafted a camper solution that redefines comfort and convenience on rugged expeditions. The CX6 boasts a remarkable ability to pop, slide, and swing out, accommodating up to six individuals in a harmonious living space. Constructed with honeycomb fiberglass over a ladder frame chassis, this off-road marvel weighs approximately a ton and measures 2 meters wide, 5.3 meters long, and 2.2 meters high. Despite its compact dimensions, the CX6 offers ample sleeping arrangements, including a full-size king pull-out bed with bedside USB ports and room for four additional single beds that slide out from underneath. Moreover, its full bathroom with toilet, washbasin, and shower tucked behind a pull-out kitchen ensures a luxurious camping experience within its lightweight body.

Equipped with a fully functional pull-out kitchen featuring a fridge, freezer, two-burner gas stove, and ample storage and prep space, the CX6 is designed for ultimate convenience. Berg Off-Road goes the extra mile by providing annex tents connected to the caravan through extended awnings, offering additional sleeping space for larger groups. Adventure off the grid is made easy with the CX6’s 1000W inverter, 150-liter fresh water tank with pump, and 14-liter gas/electric water heater. Furthermore, solar panels ensure continuous power supply for air conditioning and LED interior lighting, making the CX6 a reliable companion for off-grid exploration. Priced at approximately $28,000, the CX6 presents a compelling option for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a versatile and comfortable off-road caravan to create unforgettable memories with family and friends.

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