Owl Door Looks Amazing


This stunning owl shaped door is simply breathtaking. Having a door like this, would make your entire house as it had been taken out of a fairytale. If you take a walk around your neighborhood, you will surely see lots of interesting doors, some of them elegant and some more modern. But you most definitely won’t see such an amazing and creative door like this owl shaped one. It is a unique take on the design of a classical wooden door with decorative elements, as it has small feathers carved on its surface. The eyes and the beak of the owl complete the whole surreal look and transform the classical wooden door into a magical piece that can change the whole outlook of your home. As your door is one of the first things your visitors will notice, it’s definitely worth to try and make it as special as possible. What’s your opinion about this beautiful owl shaped door?



owl-door-1  source


owl-door-2 source

US Apr 2010 source

photo source: indulgy

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