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DIY Paper Lantern


When organizing an impressive wedding, you also need a budget as big as possible. However, there are several ways you can avoid going bankrupt. If you’re a person who likes handmade thing, you can create the decoration yourself. For this, however, you need some patience and time. Of course, you must not leave this for the last minute, as it can become a burden. Continue reading “DIY Paper Lantern” »

Ingenious Kid’s Showerhead with Dolphin Character


A great gadget for shower if you have kids. This ingenious showerhead with Dolphin character makes shower time fun and safe. It’s designed for your child’s comfort and safety. Snap on the 3-Foot hose, position the children’s showerhead and water gently flows only at the child’s height. Disconnecting after use assures adult supervision. Continue reading “Ingenious Kid’s Showerhead with Dolphin Character” »

Rainbow Roses


So here is a great idea: create your own rainbow roses. It may not work out perfectly for the first time, but it is worth trying. You will need some food coloring, scissors, white roses and some patience. The first step is to decide how many roses you want to color as you will be making one at a time. The next step is to split the stem with the scissors, you will need to split it in as many colors as you want your rose to be. Continue reading “Rainbow Roses” »

DIY Project: Recycled Light Bulbs


Here we have an ingenious idea regarding burnt-out light bulbs. It’s easier to throw away a burnt-out bulb, but it is lovelier for it to be transformed into a decorative item. If you don’t want to waste your burn-out incandescent light bulbs, we came up with a very simple way of recycling them. With a bit of creativity, you can give these burned light bulbs a second chance. Continue reading “DIY Project: Recycled Light Bulbs” »

Stylish Vessel Design


When we think about relaxation, the first thing popping in our minds is a bathtub or a hammock. So why not have the both experiences is one? That is exactly what the designers of Splinter Works thought when they designed this bathtub. Splinter Works was formed in 2009 and is a collaboration between Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington. Their mission is to create sculptural furniture that is engaging and inspiring.  Combining the relaxing elements of a hammock with the comfort of a bathtub they created the Vessel. Continue reading “Stylish Vessel Design” »

Paint The Inside of Clear Bottles to Create Beautiful Vases


We all have a lot of glass bottles at home, which we often acquired when buying some drinks. If we use our imagination these bottles can be recycled, and we decided to show you a way in which you can decorate your house with them. So here is how to do it: opinions are innumerable, but make vases out of painted bottle. We will make an ornament that we can use as a vase and it can be the centerpiece in both the living room Continue reading “Paint The Inside of Clear Bottles to Create Beautiful Vases” »

Zebra Cake – Impress Your Friends With A Tasty Cake


Would you like to eat something sweet and calorie low at the same time? If the answer is positive, we have the perfect recipe for you. It looks good and it’s perfect to impress your friends when they visit you, especially in weekends. Continue reading “Zebra Cake – Impress Your Friends With A Tasty Cake” »

Picnic Table Hammock


We found a design that let’s you create a relaxing hammock out of your picnic table. Summer is already here, and who wouldn’t love sitting outside and relaxing in nature. The most comfortable way of doing this is through a hammock. The chairs of the picnic table have been designed in such a way that you can use this both for eating and as well as for the afterwards relaxation. Continue reading “Picnic Table Hammock” »

Beautiful Jar Mushroom House


Here is an innovative idea for a gift. We assure you that, in the field of presents, it will be the first one of the kind. You can do it yourself by following some simple steps presented in detail below. You’ll see how a little canning jar can easily become a candle holder. ‘Ingredients’: an empty canning jar with a lid, various colors of pasta polymer clay, wax candles, a wick, cookie cutters, knife, rolling pin and… a little bit of patience. Continue reading “Beautiful Jar Mushroom House” »

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