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10 Unusual But Interesting Tree Houses

We must recognize that a tree house is unusual but interesting. But if we want this, we must follow a few steps. The first step to having your own tree house is choosing a tree or trees (some tree houses span two or three trees). But for this you must to be a little bit “crazy”. Think about who will use the tree house — adults or kids. Tree houses for kids should be kept close to the ground for their protection. The perfect tree for a tree house is Continue reading “10 Unusual But Interesting Tree Houses” »

Beautiful Luxury Villa Azure Bay, Paros – Greece

Paros is best known as the sister island of Mykonos with it’s many beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. Located on waterfront with a beautiful landscape where you can admire the beauty of the sea, Azure Bay is a grand private villa designed entirely to the specifications of it’s discerning owners who wished to create the ultimate retreat for large families or groups of friends within the idyllic setting of the property’s location. Villa has generous spaces for entertainment and recreation, traditional Cycladic architecture and nice interior decor combine in this villa cool and fresh ambience. Azure Bay provide Continue reading “Beautiful Luxury Villa Azure Bay, Paros – Greece” »

Inspiration For Small Gardens


More and more people want to move from apartment to a house with garden to enjoy the greenery. If you’re one of the lucky people who have a garden, here you can see a few beautiful gardens. Add more color to your landscape even if you’re small on space with this collection of beautiful garden plans. Home Design show you ideas and useful information for create your ideal small garden home,- from initial inspiration to final layout – create your own small garden with the our help.
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20 Bedroom Designs for Teenage Boys

We have a lot of articles about girls bedrooms, where we have shown you an amazingly pink, modern and even luxury girls bedrooms. All of them are very beautiful and at the same time are useless for those parents who have a boy. Below you could see nice teenage bedrooms, which are made for boys. Most of the rooms have a distinctive “teenage boy” element such as a punching bag, a miniature or a plane, a gaming device and so on. We particularly enjoy the themed bedrooms, such as Continue reading “20 Bedroom Designs for Teenage Boys” »

Luxurious Residence – Aspen Manor, Colorado

“Charles Cunniffe Architects offers comprehensive, integrated design services that honor the needs, vision and context of each client. With offices in Aspen and Telluride, Colorado, CCA has over 30 years of experience in over 17 countries.”  according to their official page. One of the firm’s local projects, “Aspen Manor,” a bold, 25,000-square-foot-residence with views of the Roaring Fork Valley, was built as a secondary residence with the intention of eventually becoming the client’s home. It’s a large home designed to Continue reading “Luxurious Residence – Aspen Manor, Colorado” »

Deeply Traditional Architecture In Pacific Palisades, CA

Internationally interior designer Jeff Andrews creates luxury interiors for celebrities and families alike. Jeff is skilled at pushing creative boundaries in ways that respect and redefine traditional design aesthetics. His innovative and freshness approach makes him one of the most sought-after interior designers in the industry, and his ability to visualize and interpret the needs of a diverse range of clients is unmatched. Some of his most famous clients are Ryan Seacrest, Michael C. Hall, Lamar and Khloe Odom, Bruce and Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian. Continue reading “Deeply Traditional Architecture In Pacific Palisades, CA” »

Travel Themed Bedroom

This bedroom, from Viz Art, have a very distinct hint of world traveler about them, peppered with maps and yacht sail-like geometry, boat souvenirs and ocean imagery, to make an experienced explorer feel right in their comfort zone. Wood clad walls give the generously proportioned room a cozy cabin feel, reminiscent of times gone by  Continue reading “Travel Themed Bedroom” »

Kitchens In Five Colors – Red, Yellow, White, Blue and Green

When you’re undecided on the choice of color for your kitchen things get stressful. To choose a white kitchen? Or choose a kitchen green or yellow? It is not easy so we present a series of white kitchens, green kitchens, yellow kitchens, blue kitchen and red kitchens. Pictures, information and ideas for kitchen design…

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Beautiful Vacation In Desroches Island, Seychellen [video]

Secluded, and with an unforgettable landscape, Desroches Island is one of the most beautiful islands, overall a very good experience. Desroches Island forms part of the Amirantes archipelago in the Seychelles, a group of islands of majestic beauty, carefully protected by the government in order to preserve fragile ecosystems. Great food, nice villas,this beautiful place has everything you need to have an unforgettable vacation.

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