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Dixie Daisy Travel Trailer


Do you enjoy camping, but also like the comfort offered by a hotel room? Are you a fan of vintage and retro periods? If your answer to these questions is yes, then the Dixie Daisy will be just perfect for you. This nice retro trailer has been redesigned in way that keeps mixing the old vintage feel with the modern one. It is the best choice for a relaxing weekend in nature and it is equipped with all the facilities a real home can offer to you. Continue reading “Dixie Daisy Travel Trailer” »

Innovative Solar Pool Heater


I found a great way, to warm your pool cheaper. Engineer Edward Hujsak shared an efficient, low-cost, safe, and easy way to warm a pool. His project is the Lily Pad pool warmers, and they’re essentially made of hula hoops covered with black polyethylene film. Also, Sun Dots draw the warmth of the sun to the bottom of the pool evenly warming the water. SUN DOTs give you the best warming choice possible without the installation of a heater. Continue reading “Innovative Solar Pool Heater” »

Crochet a Flower With Pull Tabs


If you love arts and crafts then you’re going to definitely love this next idea. This is a crochet pattern which uses pull tabs and will teach you to crochet a flower. It is also a nice way to get to know the area of recycled crafts. You can use this flower to make various ornaments, gifts or even incorporate this idea into a larger crafts project. Continue reading “Crochet a Flower With Pull Tabs” »

Morukuru Family: A Romantic Retreat in South Africa


Located in South Africa on the banks of the Groot Marico River, Morukuru Family has three amazing villas, Morukuru Lodge, Morukuru Owners House and Morukuru Farm House. Morukuru Lodge has 3 suites and a study which we can convert into a kids room. It can accommodate a maximum of 6 adults and 4 small children. Morukuru Lodge, is booked on a private and exclusive use basis. Large bedrooms all ensuite and with king sized beds; opulent bathrooms with separate bath, indoor showers and outdoor showers. Continue reading “Morukuru Family: A Romantic Retreat in South Africa” »

Solar Roof Tiles


The use of solar energy becomes more and more popular nowadays. It is a much cheaper source of energy and also a more environmetally friendly one. Solar energy has been used in much ancient times, this is not a new concept. What makes it new is the technology used for capturing it and helping us make a good use of this type of energy. Solar panels are mostly used when buildign solar powered houses, but sometimes a major obstacle in builidng these houses is the fact that their aesthetics is not that great. Continue reading “Solar Roof Tiles” »

Innovative Undercounter Refrigerator


For nearly five decades and three generations, U-Line continues to be the leader in innovation, quality and value in the premium built-in undercounter ice making, refrigeration and wine preservation market. It is an exceptionally functionable design as it fits under your kitchen counter. It is both stylish and practical. This freezer has an incorporated LED display and it also has 4 distinct settings that provide perfect refrigeration and preservation. Continue reading “Innovative Undercounter Refrigerator” »

Polka Dot Cheesecake: Delicious Dessert For The Whole Family


If you would like to eat something sweet but also law in calories, then we have the perfect recipe for you. Here is how you can make a polka dot cheesecake. First of all you will need to preheat your oven to 300 F. After that  you will have to take out a pan and line it with baking paper. Take out a medium sized bowl and mix together 1 cup of graham crumbs with ? cup of melted butter, 2 tbsp of sugar and ? cup of cocoa. Continue reading “Polka Dot Cheesecake: Delicious Dessert For The Whole Family” »

Cozy Tiny House on Wheels


When it comes to small houses it’s important to have firstly a cozy interior. When i looking to a tiny house i carefully look to the best solutions. The Fencl is one of these. The Fencl combines both the Tarleton and Weebee home design. The main room has a vaulted ceiling. The interior is completely finished in pine with stainless steel counters. The exterior is finished with cedar clapboard. It can also be finished Continue reading “Cozy Tiny House on Wheels” »

DIY – Flower Pot Made From Plastic Bottles


What we have here is a creative idea for any home. To make flower pot made ​​of plastic bottles you need some stuff. Things needed are plastic bottles, colored markers, scissors / cutter, paint.

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