Photographer Captures A Shot Of Two Widowed Penguins Overlooking The Melbourne Skyline Together

These times of coronavirus lockdown have been perfect for reflections on life and appreciating friends and family even more. This strange and unexpected event will shape our lives for the years to come and shift the focus from things considered important before.

As people tend to look for more deep connections and time spent with our loved ones becomes even more precious, photographers are out capturing one of a kind moments.

Tobias Baumgaertner, a photographer from Melbourne, captured an amazing shot of two widowed penguins hugging each other.
According to volunteers who have been taking care of a Fairy penguin colony, the two formed a deep connection after each of them lost its partner. They have been meeting regularly on the shore and comforting each other while gazing at the Melbourne skyline.

Tobias tried to capture this beautiful moment for 3 nights in a row as he could not use any light and the penguins kept moving and rubbing their flippers.
Once he took the photo and uploaded it on his Instagram account, the appreciations could not stop coming. Such a magical moment was worth the 3-days wait.

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