Power Panel Introduces a Range of Innovative Portable Power Units Perfect for Off-the-Grid Living

Power Panel, a US solar products manufacturer, has introduced an innovative solution for emergency response, humanitarian aid, and off-grid living with its portable PV device, the Gen20. Designed to meet the needs of crisis zones and off-grid environments, these devices are manufactured in Oxford, Michigan, and are now being commercialized worldwide. The portable cabinets are equipped with a combination of solar panels, water filtration systems, and water heaters, providing a comprehensive off-grid solution. The Gen20 devices feature four 540 W heterojunction N-type solar modules with 28 cells per panel, offering a peak thermal generation of 2.5 kW. With 2.4 kWh of energy storage through two 12 V lead-acid batteries, these portable units are capable of supporting a range of applications.

The versatility of the Gen20 is evident in its optional water desalination tank, eight USB type 2 ports for charging electrical products, and a switch-controlled 20 A aux cable. Power Panel highlights the ease of deployment, emphasizing that the full units can be set up from box to operations in under two hours, showcasing their commitment to providing efficient and sustainable off-grid solutions. Additionally, the Gen20 is expected to qualify for the 10% domestic content tax credit bonus under the US Inflation Reduction Act, further incentivizing the adoption of this innovative technology.

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