Rainbow Roses


So here is a great idea: create your own rainbow roses. It may not work out perfectly for the first time, but it is worth trying. You will need some food coloring, scissors, white roses and some patience. The first step is to decide how many roses you want to color as you will be making one at a time. The next step is to split the stem with the scissors, you will need to split it in as many colors as you want your rose to be. Then just take some plastic cups, fill them with water and put different colors of food coloring into them. The color will become much more concentrated and darker when using more food coloring. Here we used some neon colors for a brighter effect. Then be sure to place each part of the stem in a different cup. We advice you to use small cups, as they will have to be placed very close to each other in order for your roses to be perfect by the end of the process. After this the rose will start to absorb the colors. It can take from 1 to 2 weeks as it depends on the type of rose. When they acquire the color you want, just take them out of the cups and place them in a vase. And then you can enjoy your rainbow colored roses.


  • How do you get Roses to last two weeks with the stem split like that? I know that a couple regular aspirin in the water can help keep flowers fresh longer, but I would expect the stem portions that are cut and not in the water (near top edge of cut) to dry out a lot in just a few days.

    • Kushal on said:

      Heyya Kelli, 7UP is a carbonated nd sweetened water. R plants really fine wid carbonated drinks?
      & as the cups r open, after a while all da gas will evaporate.
      Den approx fr hw many days will the flower “Happily Last”?

  • Try using white carnations instead. They last longer and absorb food colored water much quicker than a rose, as the stem of a carnation has more hollow membrane straws in it allowing more oxygen and water, thus the reason they live longer once trimmed.

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