Rare White Giraffe Spotted In Tarangire National Park

Albino animals are very rare, and occasionally a lucky photographer manages to catch one on camera and share it with the rest of the world.
Omo, the 15-month-old albino giraffe was spotted in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, by Dr. Derek Lee who works as a scientist at Wild Nature Institute. After observing her, he noticed that Omo is living the regular life of a giraffe and is also accepted by the others in the pack who don’t seem to mind her looks.
Dr. Derek is focusing his work on giraffe conservation and raising awareness about this issue and the harms done by poaching.
Because of her color, she stands out from the rest of the group and is a more obvious target to poachers who might hunt her for bushmeat. Hopefully, the important work done by Dr. Derek and his team doesn’t go unnoticed and Omo together with the rest of the giraffes will stay safe won’t fall into the hands of poachers.

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