Robin Greenfield, 37: an Author and Activist Teaching People How to Live More Sustainably

Robin Greenfield, a 37-year-old author and activist, has not only embraced a tiny house lifestyle but has also consciously disconnected from mainstream societal structures. Living off the grid, Greenfield bypasses modern conveniences such as a cell phone, credit cards, and government IDs. His commitment to sustainability is reflected in the various challenges he undertakes, including only consuming food he forages or grows for a year. Greenfield’s journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle began in 2011 when he realized the environmental impact of his daily actions. Starting with small changes, he gradually distanced himself from capitalism, closing bank accounts and abandoning credit cards.

Breaking free from the monetary system, Greenfield now solely relies on cash, avoiding the need for a bank account. His rejection of conventional housing norms, opting for a tiny house, aligns with his philosophy of minimizing possessions and living in harmony with nature. Greenfield’s unique approach involves staying on others’ land in exchange for helping them adopt more sustainable practices. Having transitioned from a marketing career in 2016, he moved into a 50-square-foot home, emphasizing the idea that a smaller space can lead to a more fulfilling life. His journey exemplifies the transformative power of conscious choices, fostering a deeper connection with the environment and promoting sustainable living practices.

The purchase of a small shed-like building, which became his first tiny home, illustrates Greenfield’s resourcefulness. By seeking community support through platforms like Facebook and Craigslist, he found a host willing to share their backyard. Living in a compact space with minimal amenities, such as a composting toilet and rainwater shower, Greenfield exemplifies a commitment to simplicity and sustainability. Furthermore, his decision to auction the tiny house upon moving away and donate the proceeds to a local charity underscores his dedication to making a positive impact beyond his own lifestyle choices.

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