See the Northern Lights from a glass igloo in the middle of the Finnish wilderness


Watching the Aurora Borealis should be the one thing everybody writes down on his or her bucket list. This experience can be quite life changing, especially if you are in a state in which you can really observe this phenomenon. Now you can have a vacation just for this. In the Kakksauttanen Resort, you are able to see the Aurora Borealis for 200 days a year. Starting August and up to April, you can book your place in one of the Kelo-Glass igloos.
In order to get unobstructed views of the beautiful sky, the bedroom has a glass roof. A special thermal glass is used so you are comfortably warm even though it’s -40 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Besides the insulation, the special material prevents the glass from freezing. Each igloo can sleep up to 6 and also features a private sauna, fireplace, and kitchenette. Take a virtual tour or watch the video provided to get just a glimpse of what the experience can be.






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