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Gardening is an art form you get to love especially if you encounter it when you’re little. That’s what the school featured on this webpage does. The Waldorf School of Cape Cod has started a gardening program for its pupils which should be the stuff of inspiration for everyone. The 24 x 48 feet hoop house is the central point of the whole thing. Here, the children, together with the grown-ups plant and harvest carrots, spinach, kale and other vegetables. In the process, they all learn the benefits of growing your own greens and the process that it takes for a seed to become a full-grown piece of edible food! Check it out and maybe, if you are inspired by what you see, help kick start a similar project in your own community.


“Our spring hoop house harvests are substantial. We have early strawberries, bushels of spinach and baby kale, lots of chives and parsley and snow peas.  The plastic roof is removed for the summer months to avoid overheating. … Most greenhouse farmers cover most of their indoor space with plants.  We are growing kids as well as plants, so only half the space in the greenhouse is covered with growing beds. We have a space to congregate at one end. … While every student in the school devotes some time each year to growing lunch, each year  the third graders are our weekly farmers. They  are in charge of turning lunch scraps into compost in our tumbling composter. And, a new-this-year worm bed in the hoop house creates vermicompost  with the help of thousands of red worms.” Growing Children  (and pls LIKE Growing Children on Facebook)


More details in the link below…

The Winter Harvest Handbook: Year Round Vegetable Production Using Deep Organic Techniques and Unheated Greenhouses

19 Responses to “Share if You Think Every School Should Have a Year-Round Gardening Program!”

  1. Connie Dodge says:

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    Several sizes of both available at

  2. Thomas Mendez says:

    Go to and like our page. We are creating a community garden to help encourage young students to grow their own crops.

  3. Rowena says:

    The garden idea is really nuce

  4. Ebrima Keita says:

    Gardening is very good

  5. Kaisa says:

    Flowering gardeng

  6. Dianne Morrison says:

    A well-rounded education! 🙂

  7. Isabel says:

    For more green areas!

  8. Irene says:

    I think this idea has merit. Many schools have programs while other schools would be struggling for facilities, equipment, expertise, soil and water.
    An initiative that made it possible for “EVERY SCHOOL” to implement would be a positive consideration.

  9. Nancy says:

    I tried to start one in Geand Junction and was shot down. So much good learning could help a variety of students learn crossover skills that relate to real life.

  10. Marlene Leger says:

    I think is a good idea, but it should all the way to high school

  11. Ronald Kamoga says:

    Well done to the school for the garden initiative.

  12. Alan Wern says:

    A ‘gardening programme’ is great, as long as they first learn the difference between ‘program’ (computer) and programme (a syllabus, etc).

  13. Alan Wern says:

    Should you do this in correct english?
    A ‘gardening programme’ is great, as long as they first learn the difference between ‘program’ (computer) and programme (a syllabus, etc).

    Bet you don;t publish this…. Alan

  14. David Adam says:

    Not less than 75 years ago my mother’s cousin who was a salesman instilled in me a love of gardening and growing things that has never left me. Am so pleased to see schools managing to fit in gardening skills today. Start them early and it will stick for life.

  15. Bilal says:

    Great idea

  16. Rima Maalouf says:

    Excellent idea. We should implement in our schools in Lebanon.

  17. David O'Neill says:

    Having taught gardening at a High School in the West Yorkshire Pennines I cansay that if the students get as much enjoyment from this activity it will stand them in good steadin later life!!!

  18. Sujaya Nyoman says:

    Organic garden is my favorit.We plants casava .peanut and manggo in my village bali Indonesia.
    And I want learn more about gardening in hot fields.

  19. Pillay Jessica says:

    Love ideas on Gardening

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