Solar Roof Tiles


The use of solar energy becomes more and more popular nowadays. It is a much cheaper source of energy and also a more environmetally friendly one. Solar energy has been used in much ancient times, this is not a new concept. What makes it new is the technology used for capturing it and helping us make a good use of this type of energy. Solar panels are mostly used when buildign solar powered houses, but sometimes a major obstacle in builidng these houses is the fact that their aesthetics is not that great. What is very important to mention is that not every house or building is suitable for using solar energy, as the angle and inclination of the rooftop plays a defining role in the process of using solar power. Solar panels should be inclined in such a way that the angle should be as close as possible to the area’s latitude in order to captivate the maximum amount of energy. An interesting fact is that the amount of solar energy that reaches our planet in one day is more than enough to meet the global need of energy in a year. If we manage to use this fact in our advantage than we can reduce the amount of CO2 we generate. We will come back soon with projects…


DIY Solar Panel Out of Pop Cans


15 Responses to “Solar Roof Tiles”

  1. Peter Aa. says:

    Very superficial article stating the obvious. Would have been nice to see have access to some sources…

  2. ovidio says:

    Muy bueno lo de energia solar.

  3. Angel Costa says:

    Poor article; nothing new, no relation to a product.

  4. Marybel says:

    What’s the price for the tiles? Who sells them?

  5. Sue m says:

    Disappointing article…should have. More info and prices

  6. Anni says:

    Marzia, thank you for posting that website. First, I can’t read it, is there a translation of the article for English? Also, is there any prices listed in Canadian dollars? Thank you

  7. Lew says:

    The cost is not only the Solar Panels, which run about $1.20 per watt. The cost is the storage system to store up the daytime energy for night time use. Add to that the electronics needed to convert that to a clean sine wave 120 volts and things get costly. Remember the lifetime of batteries on average is 7-10 years on average. Lifetime of Solar Panels 25 years and that means after that the output may begin to drop. Electronics of course, the better the product the longer it will last unless a lightning strike or a bad component.

    I have been playing around with them for a few years as a source for powering my woodworking shed. Power to run an Electric Table Saw is the one thing I have not been able to do. It does supply lights and power for lighter equipment.

  8. Grout Sealing says:

    It is really nice to have solar tiles like that, could help reduce electric usage.

  9. jace irish says:

    I think they are great!

  10. jace irish says:

    I would really like to get the source and price.

  11. jace irish says:

    I’m sure they can be used in a grid tied application.

  12. Doreen Kibildid says:

    This Solar Power doesn’t contain a lot of info…costs, etc, for general use/availability.

  13. Doreen Kibildis says:

    This Solar Power website article doesn’t contain a lot of info for general consumer use. Facts, costs, etc., should be included. Otherwise it is just a sales article of no use to consumers.

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