Did You Know If You Store Strawberries In A Glass Jar They’ll Last For Weeks?

Berries are not only in season for only a short period, but they are also hard to store and keep fresh for a long time. But someone managed to uncover a hack of how to store strawberries efficiently and keep them fresh.
One of the most common ways of storing strawberries is to freeze them but freezing can alter their taste and occupy space in the freezer. It seems that there is an even simpler way of storing strawberries and they can keep their freshness for several weeks.
The trick is to keep the strawberries in a glass jar, and some even lasted as long as three weeks without getting altered. Supermarket stored berries usually last for an average of 5 days before developing mold, so putting them in glass jars sounds like a very good idea. Just seal the jar to make it airtight, and voila, you can have fresh strawberries for even 3 weeks.
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Strawberry Storing Tips:
1. Do not remove the stem, and do not wash the strawberries before storing them.
2. Use a clean glass jar that’s been washed and dried thoroughly and has proper air tight lid.
3. Discard/ don’t store in the jar any spoiled or bruised fruit.
4. Place the jar in the coldest part of your refrigerator.
5. The strawberries will not get moldy using this method and will stay fresh for 2 weeks or 16 days.

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