Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas Recipe


Strawberries and cheesecake, what a great combo! As it’s strawberry season finding these fruits in the market will be an easy task and they taste great when fresh. This next recipe is delicious and it’s perfect for a lazy Sunday breakfast in bed. It also brings a taste of Mexican cuisine as the base of it is the Chimichanga, which is a fried burrito. You will have to prepare the cheesecake cream and fill the burrito with this. Add strawberries on top of the burrito or incorporate some into the cheesecake cream. It will be delicious either way. Sprinkle some sugar on top and the dessert is ready. This is also a great recipe (in the link below )  for a family picnic as you can make lots of small Chimichangas, place them in a basket and simply add the strawberries afterwards. You can even hand pick the strawberries in your garden together with your kids. They will love the activity and the delicious result.

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homemade-cheesecake-tortillas-1 JustATaste – Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas Recipe

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