Stylish Pet Decor And Supplies For Your Furry Friend


Having a pet is similar to having a child. Pets need constant attention and love and in return you get the same thing from them. It’s the perfect relationship and pet owners surely know this. Everyone who has a pet at home, knows how important playtime is for our cute little friends. There are a lot of intricate and clever toys out there for pets, but some of them look cheap and can ruin the harmony of your room. Luckily there are some great and stylish options too, such as these next ones.

If your cat likes to climb on shelves and let’s face it, which cat does not, then this product called Buddha and developed by Square Cat Habitat can be a great gift to your furry buddy.


In case you are looking for something creative and ideal for 2 cats, this modular cat house, would be the perfect choice. It’s colorful, stylish and has plenty of space for your pet.


As you can see, most of these items are shelves and Petco created a very cool one, with a modern look. A shelf that will stand out in a good way and will become your kittens favorite place.


You can also choose between other types of shelves, such as the one that resembles a tree or the very exquisite one with incorporated plexiglass. Both choices will bring a very contemporary air to your home and will make your cat very happy. But maybe the most creative one between all is the Cat Teepee. Your kitten can enjoy the private space it has and can take a relaxing nap in this teepee.


Baobab is a very large tree native to Africa and Australia. This Baobab Cat Tree is much smaller, but is sure to become your cat’s new home within your home. The 4 branches are designed for climbing and playing, while the 5′ treetop is a perfect place to rest, observe, or scratch. Catnip can be placed behind or rubbed onto the inserts to further entice scratching and playing.


The cat enters through a door in the bottom side and then ascends a ramp, which boosts her to the upper level. The front wall is plexi-glass, the floor is 2.5 inch thick old sheepskin rug, and the owner made some small paintings that hang on the walls. (WOW)



You can also find a great variety of options for your dog too, like the large and comfy cushions of the very futuristic dog house. Take a look at the pictures to see which items you like the most!

Hip hounds can snooze in style on this hot pink designer dog bed by Bone & Rag – perfect for dogs of all sizes, even large dogs.


For dogs that love to burrow under the blankets, these signature luxury snuggle beds from Charley Chau are a cosy canine. delight



The Bambú Hammock’s combination of clean lines, unique sleeping surface and rich ecofriendly materials make it our most sought after design.


This Angled Bambú Diner is much more than a pet feeder. It’s your pet’s very own dining table. The elevated Diner is created with rich, renewable bamboo, one of the most luxurious water resistant finishes which will not stain and 2 stainless steel bowls are the highest quality available.



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