Sunflower-Inspired House Moves Towards the Sun Just Like Plants Do

Keeping up with the ever-changing modern world is not easy, but architecture is always an inspiring area to look into to find inspiration and learn more about the world.
Modernism architecture emphasizes the reconnection with nature and creating spaces that not only look amazing but are also functional. Koichi Takada launched a challenge for architects and designers to embrace a new movement that focuses on sustainability.
This new style’s mantra should be „form follows nature” and he designed the Sunflower House as an inspiration. It is a small family home that generates and harvests its energy and was commissioned by Bloomberg Green. Among the main inspiration were the sunflower fields from Umbria, Central Italy and nature is always the main inspiration for Takada in his works.
The Sunflower Houses act like real sunflowers and rotate to capture solar energy, which helps them produce 40% more energy than non-rotating houses. The houses have some additional sustainable features, such as natural ventilation and rainwater collection.

photo:https: Doug and Wolf

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  1. Gregory Howard says:

    Interesting design. I figure the core is concrete. The solar array is somewhat of an airfoil. What kind of wind loads are designed for? Does the roof only turn or the whole building? Lastly where is this located? Is it real?


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