DIY Pallet Movie Theater

Pallets, over and over again! We’re sure you think you’ve heard everything there is to hear about using pallets in your redecorating projects. But keep an open mind when it comes to the DIY world. Today, we will show you a very creative and entertaining project to implement ...

How to Cut Wine Bottles In 30 Seconds

Reusing glass bottles is a nice way of freshen-up your home decor. And the DIY world has supplied a 30 seconds method to cut glass in a perfect and smooth way, without requiring any specialized tools or materials. Read this tutorial and you too can decorate the house with some creative ...

Handmade Decorations for Christmas

We are sure you have seen all types of Christmas trees out there in the DIY world: from baked ones to those made from foam and candy. The creativity of people is just amazing. And inspiring! That’s why we propose you a colorful design with beads and ribbon. The way to achieve
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