Handmade Decorations for Christmas


We are sure you have seen all types of Christmas trees out there in the DIY world: from baked ones to those made from foam and candy. The creativity of people is just amazing. And inspiring! That’s why we propose you a colorful design with beads and ribbon. The way to achieve these is easy and it won’t cost you many supplies as well:

• a colored ribbon (any color you prefer);
• colored beads;
• a needle;
• plastic thread;

Here is what you’ll have to do. Pass the needle and thread through each of the bead and folded ribbon, just like in the images. This way, you’ll bond them together. Start with bigger loops of the ribbon at the bottom of your `tree` and finish with little pieces. Make sure you tie a knot at the bottom of the thread, so your whole base won’t collapse when you’re finished. Fashion a hanger from the thread on top and place your little Bead and Ribbon Christmas tree wherever you like.



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