Silo Farm Haus – located in the heart of wine country!

Looking for ways to enjoy a remote weekend after the lockdown ends? Well, then you might consider this great silo house listing on Vrbo. The owner of this silo-mansion is renting the home and just wait until you see all the amazing features. Besides being located near a beautiful ...

Gorgeous Shipping Container Home

Hi everybody. We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Bow Valley, Canada. Who said shipping-container homes can’t be glamorous? There are plenty of beautiful alternative homes, many of them built inside grain bins or shipping containers.

Victorian Farmhouse Grain Bin Home

This farmhouse is an eco-friendly family retreat built out of grain bins, recreating the looks and feel of a Victorian-styled home. The two grain bins were used to create the sidewalls of the house and then rest was built around them.

This Man Used a Cylindrical Sheet Metal Grain Bin as a Weekend Home

Here’s an out of the ordinary idea for a vacation home that will leave you speechless and will make you wonder if it would be a good option for you too. Take example from M. J. Gladstone, who used a cylindrical grain bin to create his dream house in Germantown, N.Y. He originally ...
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