This Man Used a Cylindrical Sheet Metal Grain Bin as a Weekend Home


Here’s an out of the ordinary idea for a vacation home that will leave you speechless and will make you wonder if it would be a good option for you too. Take example from M. J. Gladstone, who used a cylindrical grain bin to create his dream house in Germantown, N.Y. He originally wanted an octagonal vacation home, but what resulted is a merge between differently shaped living spaces.


The reason he wished for a rounded house was, that it offers way more options when it comes to the interior decoration than a regular shaped house with rectangular rooms. Dispersing the furniture in a rounded room can prove to be a real challenge, but it also provides an excitingly new vision upon things. The idea of using a grain bin came from Manhattan based architect Michael Altschuler, who did an amazing job creating a large area of 450 square foot with a living room and a bedroom. Read more about this stunning vacation house on the NY Times…



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