Turn Old Windows Into Stunning Home Additions

Who would have thought that old windows can be of any use once they were removed? So since it will soon be time for a big Spring cleaning, you should consider getting rid of your old windows and turning them into something you. Yes, you read it right: you won’t be throwing them ...

He Builds a Greenhouse from Old Windows

If you want to install a new greenhouse in your yard, here is a clever idea for you. The project comes from Instructables user Kirklewellen, who needed a greenhouse but did not want to invest into new glass. So instead, he found and bought old windows and transformed these. Some of ...

10+ Greenhouses Made From Old Windows and Doors

Here’s a great idea. By upcycling, recycling and reclaiming old windows and doors you can build a greenhouse. Below, are 10 plus home greenhouses constructed from old doors and windows…Love this idea!!

Old Windows as Pictures Frames

Normally, old windows are stored in garages, lofts or thrown away. I’ll now present you a great way to show off your family in these old windows. Set them against the wall in different rooms and attach pictures on the back of the glass.
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