The Most Creative DIY Planters


The next time you want to improve the garden or interior design of your home, we have a small suggestion: think outside the box! Many people choose to implement the usual gardening or design projects for augmenting the aspect of their furniture, plants and decor. They don’t realize a good ambient is created by mixing a rich variety of decorations, carefully thought to impress the viewer at all times. Be creative and use every item you have lying in your household to make some beautiful planter. Take these photos as guideline if you like. You can see how bold a pair of pink shoes is in the role of a small planter. Decorating can be made attractive by even using something usually considered dull, like a short log, carved a little at one end and stuffed with some plants. Use your imagination to come up with a lot of other stuff you don’t need around the house and transform them into a beautiful DIY planter. Find inspiration in the projects featured here!












4 Responses to “The Most Creative DIY Planters”

  1. Payal says:

    pls tell us what are the names of the plants that can be planted in old shoes, tyres, soda bottles, toilet seats (as shown in the pictures) and how can we plant them in a way that they stay long enough because these really look beautiful but i doubt about the longetivity of their stay.

  2. c.a says:

    they look to be succulents. succulents are great plants that don’t need need much water and are very easy to grow.

  3. Kami says:

    Tillandsia doesnt even need to be in dirt it’s known as an air plant you could just set it in the object. Chicks and hens would also be a good option they can grow in pretty much anything

    • Delana Tingle says:

      Those are succulents and fairly easy to care for. They like a sandy soil, some light, not too much sun directly on them and a little water which makes them great for small pots. Do be sure that there is a drain hole for the water so not too much water sits in the pot you put them in. You will find a large variety of succulents on the market with lots of interesting shapes and colors.

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