This Orange and Black Fox Strikes a Pose for Friendly Photographer

The animal kingdom is full of colors and unique species, and wildlife photographers are very lucky to interact with them closely.
Photographer Sam Gaby approached a cute little fox in Newfoundland and tried to catch it on camera for more than 2 months. Gaby had to gain the two-colored fox’s trust in the first instance to be able to get close and take the perfect picture.
Cross foxes can be seen in many places in North America and they stand out thanks to their orange coat that has several dark stripes. These foxes represent 30% of the red fox population in Canada, but they are still a rare sight and wildlife photographers are on the lookout for them.
Gaby first saw the fox in 2018 and have been trying to take some close-up snaps since then, but it took a lot of time for him to get close to the animal. He didn’t want to disturb it in its natural habitat and not perceive him as a threat, and after many more encounters, he felt he could get closer.
With each visit, he managed to get closer and learn more about the tiny cross fox until he succeeded in taking the most beautiful and sincere pictures.

Sam Gaby: Website | Instagram

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