This Photographer Visited Peru And Here Are 31 Beautiful Birds That He Found

#11 Rufous-Crested Coquette

Supreet Sahoo Photography


#12 Crimson-Mantled Woodpecker

Supreet Sahoo Photography

#13 Royal Sunangel Hummingbird

#14 Bronzy Inca

#15 Andean Motmot

#16 Gould’s Jewelfront

#17 Grass-Green Tanager

#18 Squirrel Cuckoo

#19 Ochre-Fronted Antpittas

#20 Red-Legged Cormorant

Supreet Sahoo Photography

7 Responses to “This Photographer Visited Peru And Here Are 31 Beautiful Birds That He Found”

  1. Elaine says:

    These creatures on the just the one of God’s mighty hand the beauty is beyond human comprehension thank you for bringing such beauty into cyberspace

  2. Rosemarie guillen says:

    How beautiful

  3. Bria says:

    Wow! Such magnificent birds! Such quality pictures. So many hummingbirds!

  4. Virginia Tedesco says:

    OMG! These are some marvelous pictures! Your captures are fantastic and the feathered subjects just show what a wonderful painter our creator really is! Thank you for sharing! I had to go back through them more than once, I am in awe at the beauty around us!

  5. Sherry Roskam says:

    Thank you to this wonderful photographer for bringing us these amazing birds!

  6. Ethel Chinander says:

    Awsome photos. Incredible work. Thank you for letting us see them.

  7. Hope Laurie says:

    Beautiful pictures of beautiful birds .i thank you for sharing your photos

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