Truck Transformed Into Amazing Solar Powered Off Grid Home


Cars turned into homes are not usually the best representation of efficient design. But the truck you can view in the pictures is an example of how great you can blend beautiful design with sustainability.  Turned into a superb mobile home, the former truck doesn’t even have a hint of its logistic past – from within, because you are still left with the cabin and platform that give you the freedom to change evening and morning views whenever you want. The project was successfully completed by Joseph Tayyar. He combined the concept of self-sufficiency home with a modern interior, added some technology and got a nice truck tiny home, perfect for habitation immediately. Solar panels on the roof provide all of the energy you require in the home, making it an efficient off the grid house. It does have a whopping $225,000 price tag, but having such a beautiful place to live in and not need to pay any utilities bills kind of balances things out. Check it out from a closer look and just imagine how awesome it would be living in such a structure.













4 Responses to “Truck Transformed Into Amazing Solar Powered Off Grid Home”

  1. m.Murrill says:

    Small homes are really neat. Better than some modular homes I/ve seen.

  2. r berry says:


  3. Jackie says:

    Does the $225,000 include the cost of the truck?

  4. WinterElm says:

    You could buy a used Class A RV for 35K and convert it to solar and save yourself a whopping 190K

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