10 DIY Things To Do With A Cardboard Box


A child’s favorite activity is playing and no parent can deny this. Toys these days are more sophisticated than it used to be, as children are developing at a faster pace so toy designers need to keep them constantly interested. But have you ever tried making a toy for your child at home? If you have large pieces of cardboard at home you can create spectacular and fun toys for your child in the blink of an eye. We made a selection of 10 amazing toys created from a cardboard box and we are going to share them with you too. One of the coolest ideas from the list is the cardboard camper which can be used as a playhouse. Install it in your child’s room and it will soon become his/her favorite spot. The list is full with mind-blowing and creative ideas, so grab some cardboard boxes and make your child a collection of new toys.



1. DIY Cardboard Camper Playhouse

Cardboard-Box-ideas-1 source

2. Box for Organizing Towels

Cardboard-Box-ideas-2 source

3. A chic handbag

Cardboard-Box-ideas-3 source

4. DIY Cardboard Bed

Cardboard-Box-ideas-4 source

5. A backyard playhouse


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